5,000 forint – Danube-Drava National Park

Series: Hungary – Hungarian National Parks

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank has issued a silver collector coin ‘Danube-Drava National Park’ with a face value of HUF 5,000. The collector coin is the second in a series of coins presenting Hungary’s national parks. The collector coin was designed by Gábor Kereszthury. At the centre of the obverse is the diagonally placed representation of a flying black stork. The value numeral ‘5000’, the inscription ‘FORINT’ and the mint year ‘2011’ are positioned to the right of the stork. Inscribed to the left of the stork are the mint mark ‘BP.’ and the inscription ‘REPUBLIC OF HUNGARY’. At the centre, the reverse of the coin bears a representation of the high bank, one of the characteristic landscape elements of the Danube-Drava National Park, potted with the holes of sand martins. Above the representation, the inscriptions ‘Danube-Drava’ and ‘National Park’ are written in horizontal lines arranged one above the other, left justified. The centre justified inscription reads ‘high bank’. The designer’s initials are positioned in the lower right corner of the collector coin. The square shaped collector coin is struck in .925 fine silver. It weighs 31.46 grams and its size is 39.6x26.4 mm with a smooth edge. The mintage limit is 8,000 pieces, of which 5,000 pieces are produced using the special proof technology.