5,000 forint – 100th Anniversary of Birth of Ede Teller

Series: Hungary – Silver forint coins

On 16 January 2008 the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued a silver collector coin with a face value of HUF 5,000 called “Centenary of the birth of Ede Teller”. On the obverse of the coin, with reference to Ede Teller’s life work, there is a motif symbolising the most effective process of releasing nuclear energy, a diagram of the deuterium-tritium fusion reaction, while on the reverse there is a portrait of Ede Teller. The coin was designed by Mihály Fritz. The coin is made of .925 fine silver, weighs 31.46 grams, and has a diameter of 38.61 mm and a reeded edge. 10,000 coins may be struck, of which 6,000 are produced by the special proof technology.