50 rubles – Bobsleigh

Series: Russia – The XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in the City of Sochi

on the matted disc in the centre to the right - figures of four men with sticks in the hands playing the old Russian folk game "Kotjel", above at the rim - the whirligig in the form of the Т-shaped winch, carrying two sledges with children, which is put in movement by three men, between the players and whirligig - a group of men, women and children watching at them, in the centre to the left - the figure of a man sitting at a hole in the ice and holding a big fish in the hands, below at the rim - a grout of people in winter clothes, among them - a seller of newspapers, to the left at the rim - the inscription: "СОЧИ 2014" (SOCHI 2014) and five Olympic rings under it.