50 litas – 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Lithuanian Sąjūdis

Series: Lithuania – Silver 50 litas coins

The obverse of the coin features Vytis, a stylized coat-of-arms of the Republic of Lithuania, and fragments of barricades in the centre; the inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA) is arranged in a semicircle above them; the respective denominations 50 LITŲ (50 litas) are placed at the bottom. The edge of the coin bears twice the inscription SU SĄJŪDŽIU UŽ LIETUVĄ (WITH SĄJŪDIS FOR LITHUANIA). On the reverse of the coins, a fragment of a photograph by Zinas Kazėnas is memorialized in the centre, the year of issue 2013 on the left, the inscription LIETUVOS SĄJŪDIS 25 (LITHUANIAN SĄJŪDIS 25) on the right. The edge of the 25 litas coin is rimmed.