50 kronor – 95th anniversary of the birth of Astrid Lindgren

The price of the coin is set at SEK 60. For every coin sold, Nordic Coin AB Svenska Myntverket donates SEK 10 to the foundation for the Astrid Lindgren children’s hospital. The artist is Erja Tielinen, who has previously designed numerous medals and commemorative coins. The coin was minted by Nordic Coin AB Svenska myntverket in Eskilstuna. The obverse shows a front-face portrait of Astrid Lindgren. Vertically to the left of the picture is the text ASTRID LINDGREN and vertically to the right the years 1907-2002. The reverse of the coin carries a picture of Pippi Longstocking. Horizontally to the left of the picture is the denomination 50 with the currency abbreviation KR directly beneath. Pippi's pet monkey, Mr Nilsson, sits on the numbers and the text SVERIGE is visible at the lower edge of the coin horizontally following its curve. Below Pippi Longstocking's left arm is the first letter of the Riksbank Governor's surname, "B" and the letter "E", which stands for the place the coin was minted. The coin has a smooth edge.