50 euro – Taj Mahal

Series: France – UNESCO World Heritage

After honouring the Great Wall of China in 2007, the Grand Canyon in 2008 and the Kremlin in 2009, Monnaie de Paris continues its journey around the world in its series on UNESCO World Heritage sites and monuments. The Taj Mahal, classified as one of the 7 new wonders of the world is a white marble monument built by the Mughal emperor Shâh Jahân in the 17th century. The best architects designed this joyous building, built by the most skilled workers and artisans from Persia, Europe and the Ottoman Empire. The skills of Monnaie de Paris’ master engravers are shown on this coin which illustrates the harmony of the Taj Mahal’s forms, the elegance of its lines and the richness of its decoration. An exceptional coin for an exceptional monument – a 1kg coin has been created with a dome set with diamonds, illustrating incalculable artistic prowess. The obverse shows a view of the Taj Mahal with its long, tree lined pool with the RF text, given a reflective surface treatment. The lower section is bordered by the Taj Mahal. The reverse shows a drawing of the UNESCO building along with its logo.