5 pesos – The Olympic Games - Olympic Gold Disciplines

Series: Mexico – Ibero-American Series

This coin, dedicated to "The Olympic Games in Ibero-American Countries" pays tribute to the Mexican athletes who have obtained gold medals in their respective Olympic disciplines. The participating countries in this VII Series are: Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Portugal. The coin reverse depicts the figure of an ancient “Jugador de Pelota” (ball player) in action, from the classical period of Mayan culture of Chichén Itzá, with his ritual clothing (feathered plume, earmuffs, jade-stone necklace, jaguar leather cloths over the “taparrabo” that covers his chest and hip, knee pad, wristband and sandals, also made of leather, as well as a rubber sphere (ball)). On the right side, between 13 vertical lines, the silhouettes of the six Olympic disciplines in which Mexico has won gold medals appear. These disciplines are: equestrian, diving, athletics, box, swimming and weightlifting.