5 pesos – Historic Ibero-American Coins

Series: Mexico – Ibero-American Series

The reverse side of the coin shows a fragment of the "Carta Marina Nvova Tavola" by Girolamo Ruscelli, which appeared for the first time in 1562 and formed part of the author’s “Geographical Work” published in Venice in 1598. Strictly speaking, it is a portolan chart (a collection of maps of various sea ports bound together in an atlas). The first map is reproduced on the obverse and reverse side of a one-peso silver coin popularly known as "Peso Caballito", which is considered Mexico’s first commemorative coin minted in 1909 to commemorate one hundred years since the beginning of Mexico’s Independence. The following countries (in alphabetical order) participate in this numismatic series of limited edition: Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, and Portugal.