5 euro – Water power

Series: Austria – Silver 5 euro coins

One is struck from the first by this nine sided coin, symbolic for the nine federal provinces of Austria. Their coats-of arms encircle the denomination "5" with the inscription "Republik Österreich" and "Euro". The new coin, issued in the "International Year of Freshwater" as designated by the United Nations, is entitled "Water Power" (Wasserkraft). It depicts an alpine dam used for the production of hydro-electricity in the foreground. In the background is the typical landscape of Austria, mountainous and forested. A stylised drop of water shows a fish (trout), signifying the ecological and environmental importance of water. A second water drop frames the penstocks used to funnel the water to drive the turbines. Austria is one of the few European countries to have banned the use of atomic power reactors. Austrians are extremely proud of the quality of their water. In fact, Vienna has enjoyed clean alpine drinking water since the 19th century.