5 euro – Alcobaca Monastery

Series: Portugal – UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Image: Copyright © La Maison Numismatique

Dating back to 1178, when the new abbey was built linked to the Cistercian community already living there, the monastery of Alcobaça is unique in the Portuguese political history and architecture. The monastery played an important role in the settlement of the national territory, in step with the nation's conquering move southwards and to a great extent it was through the monastery's influence that the Gothic style established in Portuguese soil a new language of religious architecture. In addition to the harmony of the whole construction, which gives the site its unique beauty, making us almost forget that centuries and several stages passed before the building attained the present form, the monastery contains true master pieces, such as the tombs of king Peter I and Inês de Castro that conclude one of the most vibrant love stories of mankind. Recognizing the place's unmatched beauty and meaning, UNESCO classified the monastery of Alcobaça as World Heritage in 1989.
Through this "Monastery of Alcobaça" commemorative collector coin INCM proceeds with the series devoted to the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Portugal. This 5-euro silver coin with proof finish designed by Fernando Conduto is packaged in a case together with a numbered certificate of guarantee. The mintage limit is 6.000 pieces.