5 euro – Justo de D. João II

Series: Portugal – Portugal Numismatic Treasure

This was the most widely circulated Portuguese coin, reflecting the power of the country at the height of its glory. The Português, minted in almost pure gold, was one of the coins taken by Vasco da Gama in his ships to India. The coin was struck in Lisbon, Porto, Goa, Malaca and Coxim. It was minted for more than four decades. It was accepted everywhere as a mean of payment. It was so well known that a long time after minting was stopped in Portugal, various European cities, including those in the Hanseatic League, struck 10 cruzado gold coins, such as the Português, between 1570 and 1640. These coins bore the cross of Christ on the obverse and gave origin to the famous Portugalöser, which sometimes bore the legend: "Ad valorem Emanvel reg Portugal" and "in accordance with the just weight and alloy of the Português".