5 euro – 96th World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Series: Vatican City – Silver 5 euro coins

Image: Copyright © La Maison Numismatique

Celebrated on 17 January this year, the 96th World Day of Migrants and Refugees focused on minors who are migrants and refugees, the subject of the five euro coin. The annual day focused on a phenomenon which primarily affects the world’s poorest people. In recent years the number of migrants and refugees has increased greatly, impacting the lives of children in particular. Children especially should be able to look to the future with trust and hope, but problems such as poverty, violence and insecurity are seriously undermining any chance for a better future. In his message for the World Day, Pope Benedict XVI noted that Jesus himself experienced what it was like to be on the move when he and his family had to flee to Egypt to escape Herod’s persecution. The Pope’s message looks at the harm caused by this phenomenon, especially on children. He writes: "This year’s theme ... touches an aspect that Christians view with great attention, remembering the warning of Christ who at the Last Judgement will consider as directed to himself everything that has been done or denied ‘to one of the least of these’ " (cf. Mt 25:40, 45)