4,000 kronor – The wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling on 19 June 2010

Series: Sweden – Gold coins

The artist is Ernst Nordin, who is a renowned artist in the fields of coins, medallions and sculpture. The coin is minted by AB Myntverket in Eskilstuna. The obverse carries a portrait of the bridal couple and the text “KRONPRINSESSAN VICTORIA PRINS DANIEL” (Crown Princess Victoria Prince Daniel), in addition to the date of the wedding, 19 June 2010. The designer’s initials (“EN”) appear to the right of the portrait of the bridal couple. The reverse carries Crown Princess Victoria’s coat of arms. Below this appears the text “SVERIGE” (Sweden), the denomination of the coin, the initials of the Governor of the Riksbank (“SI”) and the first letter of the place of issue ("S"). Butterflies are also depicted on the reverse, an image representing joy and happiness, and also the bridal pair's future home, Haga Palace. The coin has a smooth edge.