20 dollars – The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

First coin in the Diamond Jubilee 3-Coin Series.

Watch for future releases coming in September.

A SWAROVSKI® ELEMENT on this pure silver coin underscores The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Coin design:
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the years of her reign. The Swarovski element forming the number “0” in “2012” symbolizes the Diamond Jubilee.

A Jubilee crowned with diamonds.
The year 2012 marks a historic occasion that has not been celebrated in over 100 years—the Diamond Jubilee for Canada's reigning monarch. The previous and only monarch of Canada to reach this milestone was Queen Victoria in 1897.

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952, a few months short of her 26th birthday. During her accession speech, she spoke eloquently, promising to “...always work, as my father did throughout his reign, to uphold constitutional government and to advance the happiness and prosperity of my peoples...”

Sixty years later, Queen Elizabeth II remains true to her word. During her reign, she has risen to challenges posed by enormous social change and technological progress. Now in her 80s, The Queen continues to fulfill her duties with a pace and dedication one can only marvel at.