2,000 kronor – 700th anniversary of the birth of Saint Birgitta

Series: Sweden – Gold coins

The price of the coin is set at SEK 2,500. The artist is Ernst Nordin, who is a renowned artist in the fields of coins, medallions and sculpture. The coin was minted by Nordic Coin AB Svenska Myntverket in Eskilstuna. The obverse contains a representation of Saint Birgitta and the text "1303 • BIRGITTA • 2003". Under this is found the artist's signature "EN". The reverse of the gold coin depicts the first letter in Saint Birgitta's name, B, in Gothic type and with the legend in clockwise direction "GAUDE BIRGITTA FILIA CAN-TICUM TIBI DEBETUR GLORIE" (approx. "Rejoice O daughter Birgitta, for you are worthy of glorious songs of praise"). Beneath the letter B is "2000", "KRONOR", "SVERIGE". To the left of the letter B is the letter "E", which indicates the place the coin was minted and on the right is the letter "H", which is the first letter of the Riksbank Governor’s surname. The coin has a smooth edge. The Latin text on the coin has been taken from a medieval hymn of praise. The coin has a smooth edge.