200 kronor – 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Nobel prize

Series: Sweden – Silver coins

The artist is Philip Nathan, the coin is minted at AB Tumba Bruk Myntverket, Eskilstuna. The portrait on the obverse is based on the portrait on the Nobel prize medals made in 1901/02. Legend: NOBELPRISETS HUNDRAÅRSJUBILEUM (ONE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE NOBEL PRIZE). The reverse portrays humanity, antiquated, seated on a podium containing the Swedish national coat of arms. She is holding a copy of Alfred Nobel's will in one hand. The other hand holds a laurel wreath raised in salute to the memory of Nobel. Legend: SVERIGE/200/KR/2001. Ref: Lagerqvist, L.O: Alfred Nobel på mynt (Alfred Nobel on coins). Svensk Numismatisk Tidskrift (Swedish Numismatics Journal) 2001:9/10 p. 199.