200 euro – The Europa Program – 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

Series: Spain – Gold 200 euro coins

In 2004, coinciding with the expansion of the European Union, several Mints in the old Continent joined together in the numismatic program entitled Europa, to mint collector coins with a common topic. This fourth series of coins in the Europa Program collection is issued under the heading "European Achievements". In the case of Spain the release is dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome (signed in Italy's capital on March 25, 1957) which established the European Economic Community, the origin of the European Union. The obverse of the gold coin portrays the likeness of H.M. King Juan Carlos I. The reverse reproduces the map of Europe on which two distinct textures serve to illustrate the two stages involved in the building of the European Union; first, the six founder countries which were the signatories of the Treaty of Rome, and, textured differently, the remaining member countries that have joined the Union successively to date.