20 euro – The Equality and Tolerance

Series: Finland – Collector 20 euro coins

Mint of Finland and the Ministry of Finance will issue a coin to promote equality and tolerance on 19 March, the Day of Equality. Finnish president Tarja Halonen is the patron of the collector coin.

Mint of Finland's ethical theme for this year is equality and tolerance. The theme will be embodied in a collector coin, for which president Tarja Halonen has pledged her support.

"Tolerance is a Finnish value – we live in a country and a society where, today, this issue is more significant than ever. The ethical values that are embodied in this coin will be passed from one generation to the next. It is very significant that the president, Tarja Halonen, wants to support our annual theme as the patron of this collector coin," says Mint of Finland's CEO, Paul Gustafsson.

The coin will be on sale on Mint of Finland's online outlet store on the day the coin is released, 19 March.

Messengers of Finnish values

Mint of Finland has been highlighting ethical issues since 2009, when the first collector coin in the series was minted. Themes from previous years include Peace and Security (2009), Children and Creativity (2010) and the Protection of the Baltic Sea (2011).

The Equality and Tolerance collector coin depicts figures representing different ways of life around the world. Some 20,000 glassy proof coins will be minted, along with another 20,000 uncirculated BU-quality coins. Glassy proof coins are available in card gift packs and in special glass Vitriini boxes from Iittala.

Glassy proof coins are intended for collectors and gift-givers alike. The unpolished edition comes in a protective clear plastic pill box with a certificate of authenticity. In this sense, it is a traditional collector's item.

The nominal value of the Equality and Tolerance collector coin is 20 euros. The silver collector coin weighs 33.62 grams and has a diameter of 38.6 mm. The silver content of the collector coin is 925/1000.

Designed by a student from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences

The design competition for the coin was won by Lahti University of Applied Sciences student Katri Piri. A total of 32 drawings were entered in the competition, coming from five different schools: Sedu in Seinäjoki, Art School Maa in Helsinki, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Pori, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Imatra, and Lahti University of Applied Sciences.