20 euro – Protecting the Baltic Sea

Series: Finland – Collector 20 euro coins

The Baltic Sea coin has a heart. Mint of Finland's 2011 ethical collector coin commemorates the world's second largest brackish-water basin - the Baltic Sea The organic Protecting the Baltic Sea collector coin is made using recycled silver and comes packaged in a recycled-cardboard case or a glass Vitriini box.

Over the last decades natural disasters have reminded us of the vulnerability of nature, even here in the Baltic Sea region. The Baltic Sea is in need of international protection. The sea’s vulnerability is owed to its fundamental features: it is a low, cold, brackish inland sea.

The problems of the Baltic Sea are a concern for all countries in the region. The Baltic Sea is enclosed by Finland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Our beautiful sea needs protection

The eutrophication caused by loads of nitrogen and phosphorus and the resulting oxygen deficiencies in water masses is the worst threat to the Baltic Sea. Eutrophication also endangers marine species and poses a threat to the livelihoods and recreational activities practiced throughout the Baltic Sea. The strong growth in shipping traffic and especially oil transportation also poses a serious threat.

Man was causing extinction and irreparable change to living organisms in the Baltic Sea region as early as in the Stone Age. These days we load the Baltic Sea with farming runoff, municipal waste water, phosphate-rich washing detergents and litter. However, successful steps have been made to protect the Baltic Sea, such as by sanitising the municipal waste waters from the St Petersburg area.

The third Ethical Collector Coin

After a public vote, the winning design chosen for the Protecting the Baltic Sea collector coin was by art student Essi Kulju from Kajaani. It is the third in the Ethical collector coins series, which, in 2010, saw the release of the Children and Creativity collector coin and, in 2009, the Peace and Security collector coin.

The Protecting the Baltic Sea collector coin comes with a certificate of authenticity, which explains the story behind the coin and the technical details. The certificate of authenticity is signed by the director of the Marine Research Centre, Professor Mari Walls, and Mint of Finland's CEO, Paul Gustafsson.