20 euro – Empirior Ferdinand's North Railway

Series: Austria – Austrian Railways

The new 20 Euro silver coin shows the "AUSTRIA", the first locomotive to run in the Empire, on the obverse side. In the background the carriages of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class are lined up. The 1st class compartments still resembled coaches. The 2nd class was open, but had a roof and blinds of leather or canvas that could be lowered to ward off smoke and soot. The carriage of the 3rd class was as open as a cattle car! The reverse side depicts the scene as the train crossed the bridge over the Danube on the first public run from the North Railway Station in Vienna to Deutsch-Wagram on 6th January, 1838. It caused quite a sensation, and was watched and cheered by crowds of Viennese along its route.