100 rubles – The 400th Anniversary of the People's Voluntary Corps Headed by Kozma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky

The reverse: below in the centre on the mirror field - the picture of Dmitry Pozharsky sitting on the horseback and holding the sable in his hands, close to him to the left - the figure of standing Kozma Minin with a icon in the hands, over them - the banner of the People's Voluntary Corps, to the left on bottom - the horizontal inscription in two lines made in stylized cursive: "НАРОДНОЕ ОПОЛЧЕНИЕ" (PEOPLE'S VOLUNTEER CORPS), in the background - two rows of armed foot and mounted volunteers on campaign, over them - the image of the Moscow Kremlin; on the right and the left sides of the disc - two vertical matted segments covered by decorative ornaments, on the lower part of the right segment - the date: "1612".