100 kroner – 100th anniversary of the Dissolution of the Union between Norway and Sweden in 2005

Series: Norway – Silver coins

To commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 2005, a 100-krone silver commemorative coin has been struck. The coin, which is proof quality and legal tender, will be put into circulation on 27 November 2003. Obverse: A triple portrait of Norway's three kings during the 100-year period. From right to left: H.M. Kong Harald V, King Olav V and King Haakon VII. Under the triple portrait is the motto of all three Kings: ALT FOR NORGE (All for Norway). To the right under the triple portrait are the artist Øivind Hansen's initials, ØH, and the date 2003. Reverse: A broad stretch of farmland, stylistically divided into a patchwork of small fields. In the background, a cluster of five fir trees, reflecting the past and the beginning of the 100-year period. Fields and woods have been chosen to symbolise Norway as an agricultural society - a macro perspective. Beneath the motif: 1905-2005 and 100 KR. To the right of this inscription are the initials of the Director of the Mint, Magne Flågan, MF. To the left are the initials of the artist, Danuta Haremska, HD. Beneath the inscription is the mintmark of the Mint of Norway, the crossed pick and hammer.