100 euro – Sculpture

The obverse of the coin has a portrait of Raphael Donner, with the Palace of the Lower Belvedere in the background. The Lower Belvedere houses the museum of baroque art in Vienna, and contains much of Donner’s work. Also located on this side of the coin is the country of issue, Austria ("Republik Österreich") along with the face value of 100 Euros. The reverse of the coin features the Providentia Fountain ("Provendentia Brunnen") in central Vienna, one of the works of the great baroque sculptor, Raphael Donner (1693-1741). In the centre sits the allegorical figure of Providentia with a medallion of the Roman god, Janus, who had two faces. Around the fountain are other allegorical figures representing tributary rivers of the Danube. On the coin itself, Providentia is enthroned high above the figure of an old man representing the river Enns.