10 euro – Year of Spain in China

Series: Spain – Silver 10 euro coins

The celebration of the "Year of Spain in China" during 2007 stems from an initiative that arose at the Second Spain-China Forum held in November 2004. The final decision was made during the visit to Spain of the President of China, Hu-Jintao, in November 2005. The purpose is to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation, to boost a reciprocal knowledge of the two countries and to revitalize institutional relations and financial activity. The Spanish Royal Mint joins in the celebration of this important event by minting two collector coins featuring motifs dedicated to this significant event. Jewel cases "Year of Spain in China"Both coins reproduce on the reverse the original design from the Spanish piece-of-eight (the pillar dollar), a coin that in its day was universally accepted as legal tender and one that was much utilized in China with different counterstamps. These coins may be acquired singly, each in its own coin case, or as the full set of two coins in a double coin case.