10 euro – The Lindwurm in Klagenfutrt

Series: Austria – Tales and Legends of Austria

A monster crept out of the wilderness and terrorized the country until it was defeated with a ploy by Carinthian heroes. Today, it is a landmark in the Carinthian capital, Klagenfurt, where it is carved in stone on Neuer Platz. The silver coin "The Lindwurm in Klagenfurt" tells this story.

The new coin in detail

The coin shows the Lindwurm fountain and the statue of Hercules in front of it on Neuer Platz in Klagenfurt.

The other side of the coin depicts the fight with the monster. On the left-hand side is the tower built as a defence against the Lindwurm. Behind its gate, a pair of labourers barricade themselves in, while through the window a chain is stretched and a barb is entangled in the mouth of the raging monster.