10 euro – The Jeanne d’Arc

Series: France – Great French Ships

Monnaie de Paris is launching a new collection on great French ships throughout the ages. Every year for five years, this series will pay tribute to a sailing ship, a warship and an ocean liner.

The Jeanne d’Arc is one of the most famous helicopter cruisers of the French Navy (1964-2010). It has carried out numerous active campaigns, has served as a training ground for thousands of Navy cadet officers and has taken part in several humanitarian missions and interventions such as the freeing of hostages. The Jeanne d'Arc helicopter cruiser is represented on the obverse, sailing the open sea and is crowned on the top left-hand side by a tampion, a cover which protects the gun barrels and features the ship's name and coat of arms. No longer in use in today's times, the tampion is given as a gift from officers to distinguished guests. Additionally, the name of the ship and the letters "RF" appear on the navigation instrument, in this case: on the compass. On the reverse side, the coin’s plaque displays the name of the series "Les grands navires français". This plaque is crowned by characteristic features of warships.