10 euro – Stade Toulousain

Series: France – Great Sport Teams

Monnaie de Paris is honouring major sports clubs and is continuing this year a collection introduced in 2009 with Stade Toulousain. A series of coins emphasizing on the regional aspects of these clubs. 100 years after it was founded, Stade Toulousain, the famous rugby club, three times champions of Europe, is also the most successful French championship club, winning the title 17 times. As such the players have held the prestigious Bouclier de Brennus trophy many times, something which all French rugby players dream of winning one day. A collection which will appeal to all rugby lovers but particularly Stade Toulousain fans. The precious metals used in producing this coin are particularly appropriate for this famous club, a symbol in the French sporting landscape. The obverse has the text "STADE TOULOUSAIN" at the top of the coin. In the middle, the Stade Toulousain shield is shown printed in red and black onto the silver coins. The reverse side shows a rugby player running at full speed with the ball under his right arm. In the second half of the coin, the Capitole de Toulouse (Toulouse townhall and theater), along with the face value is inscribed in a large oval ellipse across which the player also passes.