10 euro – Philippe II Auguste

Series: France – From Clovis to the Republic, 1500 years of French History

This series, which made its debut in 2011, pays tribute to the key French sovereigns who dominated the History of our nation. The series continues this year with Hugues Capet, Philippe II Auguste and Saint-Louis.

Philippe II Auguste (1165-1223) achieved major military victories which reaffirmed his royal power and brought the Feudal era to an end. He constructed the Louvre in order to demonstrate his resolve to make Paris the capital. On the obverse, Philippe II Auguste is depicted wearing one of the first crowns to bear the royal fleur de lys. The King's name appears along the edge of the coin. The reverse features the Louvre in Philippe II Auguste's time. The dates of his reign (1180-1223) also appear at the top of the coin.