10 euro – 1st Series Numismatic Treasures - Hispano-Greek drachma

Series: Spain – Silver 10 euro coins

A new series of collector coins was set under way in 2008 and given the name "Numismatic Treasures". This series will reproduce outstanding pieces from Spanish numismatics and will be continued in forthcoming years. For this first edition, dedicated to the Roman aureus and the Greek drachma, the Spanish Royal Mint proceeded to strike a coin in .999 gold which, together with the double 4-reales coin in silver, makes up this new set. The obverse of the coin reproduces the face of a Hispano-Greek silver drachma, struck subsequent to the year 241 B.C. in Emporiae (L'Escala, Girona). The reverse depicts the back of the Hispano-Greek drachma showing Pegasus and the inscription "Emporiton".