10 euro – Bicentenary War of Independence - Edict of the Mayors of Móstoles

Series: Spain – Silver 10 euro coins

The year 2008 will mark the Bicentenary of the War of Independence that brought Spain into combat with the forces of the First French Empire and triggered the uprising of May 2, 1808. The Spanish Royal Mint has chosen to join in the celebration of this event of importance for Spain, which marked the beginning of a new historical cycle and produced a change in the previous political systems. The obverse of this third coin reproduces the illustration "Edict of the Mayors of Móstoles". The reverse has been struck with an interpretation of the monument to the Drummer of Bruc, the work of Frederic Marès, that can be seen in the El Bruc district (Barcelona). The statue of the drummer commemorates the battles won in that same place during the War of Independence.