10 euro – 20th Anniversary of the Spanish and Portugal joining to the European Community

Series: Spain – Silver 10 euro coins

January 1st, 2006 marked the 20th anniversary of the signing of the European Community Accession Agreement by Portugal and Spain. The Mints of Portugal and Spain have, for the first time, launched an issue with a common theme. The issue consists of two coins minted in proof quality, their identically-designed reverses representing the fraternal relations between the two countries. Obverse, reverse and presentation case. 20th Anniversary of the Accession of Portugal and Spain to the European CommunityThe obverse of the Spanish coin was struck with the effigy of H.M. the King, while the reverse shows, under the map of the European Union, the image of a bridge, representing the accession of these two countries to the European Community. From the maximum mint run of 12,000 units for each of these coins, a maximum of 4,000 have been held in reserve to make up full sets, each country marketing a maximum of 2,000 complete boxed sets.