10 euro – 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Armi Ratia

Series: Finland – Silver 10 euro coins

Coin for the beautiful and the spectacular. After 4th of June, you can order the collector coin for a present or a memento from the factory outlet store, which operates through the Mint of Finland website. The price of the collector coin is published on our website on 4th of June, 2012. Unikko will always bloom. The coin, named after Armi Ratia, represents the beauty, inspiration and originality of all fashion accessories and objects. The coin immortalizes the famous Unikko print, the hallmark of the unique textile company Marimekko, to which Armi Ratia dedicated her life. A lot of creative open-mindedness and undying determination are expected from the pioneers in fashion and design. Armi Ratia (1912–1979) is still remembered as a charismatic woman, whose creative and ingenious instinct led her to great success. In 2012, Ratia would have celebrated her 100th birthday. The obverse side of the collector coin, created to honour Armi Ratia, bares her picture. The reverse side has wave-like stripes and the text "Armi Ratia 1912–1979". The reverse side of the coin bares the Unikko flower, designed by Maija Isola. Following the tradition, the initial "M" of the artist, Kari Markkanen, is displayed on the coin to honour his work. Pioneer for international design Brightly coloured flower patterns and stripy shirts have made the textile company Marimekko, which Armi Ratia founded in 1951, popular around the world. The company, led by Ratia, became the pioneer for international design, because Marimekko clothes combined the cultural and the artistic values of the society. A gift to the admirers of fashion and design The polished collector coin is sold in a stylish gift box which is wrapped with a ribbon decorated with poppies. The technical information about the coin is placed next to the coin, and the gift box bears the signature of Mint of Finland's CEO as a mark of authenticity. The bottom of box tells the story of the coin and describes the reasons behind the Ministry of Finance's decision to mint the collector coin. The polished Armi Ratia coin can also be order in a clear Vitriini box. The coin and the glass box can be used as decoration, as it will look beautiful on your bookshelf and remind you of the Finnish values. The Vitriini includes a certificate of authenticity which proves its Finnish origins and tells the relevant information about the coin The matt collector coin is delivered in a little clear box which allows the coin to retain its silvery shine. The coin will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity.