7 euro - 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Raimond Valgre

Series: Estonia - Collector silver euro coins

Image of 7 euro coin - 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Raimond Valgre | Estonia 2013.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
Eesti Pank will issue the silver seven-euro collector coin dedicated to the music of Raimond Valgre on 7 October. The coins will go on sale in the Eesti Pank museum and in SEB offices across Estonia from 1.00pm on 7 October at a price of 35 euros. The date 7 October 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Raimond Valgre, the Estonian composer and musician. The design of the coin features a fragment of the handwritten score for Saaremaa Waltz, the signature of the composer and the nominal value of the coin of seven euros. The front bears the coat of arms of the Republic of Estonia and the year 2013. The proof-quality silver (Ag 925) collector coin weighs 28.28 grammes and is 38.61 mm in diameter. The total mintage is 7,500 coins. . The coin was designed by the artist Berbel Lätt. The coins are being minted in the Royal Dutch Mint, the Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt.