50,000 forint - The Gold Florin of János Hunyadi

Series: Hungary - Hungarian gold florins from the Middle Ages

Image of 50000 forint coin - The Gold Florin of János Hunyadi | Hungary 2022.  The Gold coin is of UNC quality.
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue a particularly valuable gold collector coin named ‘Hunyadi János aranyforintja’ (The Golden florin of John Hunyadi) in single and in piedfort version, which is four times the weight of a normal coin. In line with the traditions of central bank issuances, the non-ferrous metal version of the 50,000-forint precious metal coins will also be issued at a face value of 2,000 forints. The collector coins will be issued as the seventh piece of the Hungarian medieval gold florin series. The coin was designed by applied artist, Fanni Király. The MNB issued the gold coin of Charles I as the first piece in the series named ‘Hungarian gold florins from the Middle Ages’ in 2012 with the aim of providing a full picture of good quality coins in medieval Hungarian money history, which preserved their value and were frequently accepted by foreign merchants as well. To be true to history, the first piece of the series was followed by the golden florin of Louis I in 2013, Queen Mary in 2014, Sigismund in 2016, Albert in 2018 and Vladislaus I in 2020. By issuing this coin, the MNB wishes to highlight the values of Hungarian money history, the Medieval golden florins, the historic predecessors of our national currency. The gold and the non-ferrous metal versions have the same design, the only difference being their denominations.