5,000 euro - French Excellence Boucheron 1 Kilo Gold Coin

Image of 5000 euro coin - French Excellence Boucheron
1 Kilo Gold Coin | France 2018.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
This coin of one Kilo Gold is made such as an octagonal shape evoking an emerald and honouring the exemplary work of the Maison Boucheron. The coin is struck in only 11 pieces. Entirely hand-engraved, the coin is full of finer details. The reverse offers a birds-eye view on the Place Vendôme and its stunning mansions signed by the architect Mansart, associated with the softness of the vegetals. On the square covered by « Clou de Paris » cobblestones, the showy ivy flourishes giving way to a leaf paved with 31 white diamonds, as nature takes back its rights and feminity its flight. On the obverse, we can find the Vendôme column, nicely rolled by ivy, showing at the background the historic building of the Maison Boucheron. The Kilo Gold Coin was realised thanks to a plaster. After several hours of handwork by the master engraver, it gave a volume draft. Revealing at this stage the best precision as well as the contemporary and audacious setting it led to imagine the lighting effect taking place thanks to the assembly and perfect setting of the diamonds. This coin with finer edges follows the same craft skills used for the high jewellery : time and importance of the manual work predominate and ensure the excellence for the final result.

A work of art in its own right with stunning ornament, this exceptional piece is presented into a gorgeous case with emerald size which honours the elegance of the Maison thanks to the mix between varnish, smooth leather, metal and glass. This precious case allows to expose the coin by protecting it and contains a compartment where are put a pair of gloves, a magnifying glass, a brochure and a certificate of authenticity.