50 euro - The Fall of Berlin Wall

Image of 50 euro coin - The Fall of Berlin Wall | France 2019.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
The obverse of the coin shows the Brandebourg Gate, previously on the East side, Crowned by the quadriga of the Greak goddes of Victory; it is one of the strongest symbol of Berlin and of Germany. In the center, a soldier holding a rose, goes through the wall as an allegory of the fall of the wall. « Berlin » is written in a tag way on the wall. Below the coin, « 30 Jahre Mauerfall » is written. It means 30 years of the Fallen Wall. The reverse shows the background of the Berlin Wall with the words « 30 ans de la Chute du Mur de berlin 1989-2019 », and also the face value and the RF inscription. On the right hand side stands the Templehof airport, symbol of West Berlin. On the left, a bear, mascot of Berlin city, is symbolically pushing the wall.