50 euro - Centenary of the birth of Salvador Dalí

Series: Spain - Silver 50 euro coins

Image of 50 euro coin - Centenary of the birth of Salvador Dalí | Spain 2004.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The year 2004 commemorates the centenary of the birth of the great painter Salvador Dalí who was born in Figueras in 1904. His very personal style transcended artistic movements such as cubism and surrealism, to become what he himself defined as the paranoid-critical approach. Winner of the award for the "most technically-advanced coin" granted by the 23rd Mint Directors’ Conference (2004), this coin features on its obverse a version of the painting "One second before awakening" (1944), and on its reverse an interpretation of the work "Rhinocerotic figure from Phidias’s Ilisos" (1954). In addition, the reverse features a compartment at the bottom that serves as seating for a gold-plated silver medal. The obverse of the medal displays a version of the artist’s soft clock, adapted to the irregular shape of the medal. The reverse portrays, in negative, the painting "Soft self-portrait with fried bacon" (1941), made to fit the design and the seating prepared in the Cincuentín.