50 euro - Astérix

Series: France - Comic Strip Heroes

Image of 50 euro coin - Astérix | France 2013.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
Following the event of the new Astérix album launch “Asterix and the Picts” to be issued on October 24th, Monnaie de Paris wished to pay tribute to one of the most famous characters of comic strips. This comic strip was created on October 29th, 1959 by the scriptwriter René Goscinny and the draftmann Albert Uderzo. He will take back the completeness of the series after René Goscinny’s death in 1977. In the course of albums the series stages the adventures of the inhabitants of the famous small village of Armorique constituted of inflexible Gauls, the village resists to the invader thanks to the famous magic potion giving a superhuman strength to those who drink it. The main characters of this comic strip are Asterix, the warrior and Obelix the menhir deliverer. Today, this series is translated in 107 languages and the number of sold albums worldwide represents more than 350 million copies. The obverse puts forward one of the scenes taken from the album “Asterix in Belgium” issued in 1979; the last album made jointly by Goscinny and Uderzo. It depicts Asterix, Obelix and Vitalstatistix leaving Belgium. The reverse is common to all denominations and resumes the famous drawing that we can discover at the beginning of all albums of Asterix: the village of inflexible Gauls surrounded with the camps of Roman legionaries seen through a magnifying glass.

Coupure : Silver Proof
Auteur : Monnaie de Paris
Poids : 22,20 g
Diamètre : 37 mm
Tirage : 10000
Métal : Argent 900/1000
Qualité : Belle Epreuve
Millesime : 2013
Valeur Faciale : 10 €

Coupure : 1/2 oz
Auteur : Monnaie de Paris
Poids : 17 g
Diamètre : 31 mm
Tirage : 500
Métal : Or 920/1000
Qualité : Belle Epreuve
Millesime : 2013
Valeur Faciale : 100 €