50 euro - 5th Anniversary of the Euro

Series: Spain - Silver 50 euro coins

Image of 50 euro coin - 5th Anniversary of the Euro | Spain 2007.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The obverse depicts, within a circle, the figure of "Hispania" in a reclining pose over the Pyrennees, her feet in the Straits, an olive branch in hand. This motif appeared on the first issue of Spanish pesetas in 1869. The reverse portrays an interpretation of the Greek myth recounting the Abduction of Europa by Zeus. Europa was the beautiful daughter of Agenor and Telephassa, the sovereigns of Tyre. Zeus was captivated by her beauty and decided to metamorphose into a bull, the young girl's favorite animal. On seeing the bull, Europa climbed upon his back, and taking advantage of this, Zeus launched himself into the sea and carried her off to Crete.