5 hryven - 500 Years of the Town of Chyhyryn

Image of 5 hryvnia  coin - 500 Years of the Town of Chyhyryn | Ukraine 2012.  The German silver (CuNiZn) coin is of BU quality.
The commemorative coin is dedicated to the town of Chyhyryn. Founded at the beginning of the 16th century on the border to the Wild Fields, the town had already Magdeburg Rights conferred on it by 1592. The town witnessed various historical events; it functioned as the capital of the Hetmanate (a Ukrainian Cossack State); served as headquarters for the Chyhyryn regiment; and also was the first hetman residence. Chyhyryn, and its rich history, have always attracted the attention of historians, writers, poets and artists, which have left us accounts of their travels, poetry and works of art. Price, Hryvnas: 20