5 euro - Ostrobothnian: Ostrobothnian house

Series: Finland - Buildings of the Provinces

Image of 5 euro coin - Ostrobothnian: Ostrobothnian house | Finland 2013.  The Bimetal: CuNi, nordic gold coin is of Proof, BU quality.
An Ostrobothnian house immortalised on a collector coin Ostrobothnians are represented by a familiar sight on this commemorative coin. Houses in Ostrobothnia were traditionally erected to an imposing height and painted red. A family's house was modified according to their situation, with extensions and new rooms being added as the family grew. Ostrobothnian houses are considered to represent the pinnacle of folk architecture, and some even see classical and renaissance influences in them. These collector coins are available individually in proof quality, set in a protective clear casing and elegantly packaged (price €22.10). The coins are also available as individually packaged unc-quality coins accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (price €10). We also offer purses of 10 unc-quality collector coins at nominal value (price €50).