5 euro - Little I-Am-Me

Series: Austria - Silver 5 euro coins

Image of 5 euro coin - Little I-Am-Me | Austria 2022.  The Silver coin is of BU, UNC quality.
An Easter coin with a difference, this charming 2022 issue is a celebration of one of the most famous children's books in the German-speaking world. Written half a century ago, Little I-Am-Me Me, published by Jungbrunnen Verlag in Vienna, is still enormously popular with children in Austria. In relatively few words, the picture book tackles timeless philosophical questions about identity, belonging and self-worth that are still as pertinent today as when the uplifting story was originally published. Wittily and playfully written in rhyme by Mira Lobe and beautifully illustrated by Susi Weigel in 1972, Little I-Am-Me begins: “In a bright and flowery meadow walks a coloured animal.” It goes on to tell the heart-warming story of a small, multi-coloured animal made from scraps of fabric and wool with ears like a dachshund, a fringe like a pony and legs like a hippopotamus. Looking like a lot of different creatures yet not really belonging anywhere, the cute little animal embarks on an odyssey to find out exactly what it is, meeting and quizzing different animals along the way. Despite being mocked and jeered at and even unsure that it actually exists, Little I-Am-Me never gives up and, after being reduced to tears, has an epiphany. In saying “we are all unique and we can be whatever we want to be”, Little I-Am-Me Me is both an inspirational for children and a charming memento of childhood for grown-ups. That’s why this this delightful coin is an ideal Easter gift for people of all ages. Available in both copper and silver, the coin is decorated with a collage of characters in the style of Susi Weigel’s images from the book. Little I-Am-Me is at the centre surrounded by some of the animals that it encounters on its fantastic journey of self-discovery.