5 euro - Social Sciences

Series: Lithuania - Lithuanian scienes

Image of 5 euro coin - Social Sciences | Lithuania 2021.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
The reverse of the coin extends the motifs of the intertwined lines depicted on the obverse. In the middle of the composition, there is a geometric symbol of separate cubes, forming the common societal construction: the composition of visible and implied cubes is also an allusion to social sciences – a dynamic, open and infinite structure uniting similar scientific methodologies. The reverse also features the year of issue (2021) at the bottom and the inscription SOCIALINIAI MOKSLAI (SOCIAL SCIENCES) at the top of the coin.
The obverse of the coin features an abstract symbol of the Vytis – the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania – formed from fragments of intersecting and intertwined lines, symbolising the interdisciplinarity and interconnections of social sciences. The obverse also includes the inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA), the denomination (€5) and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint.