5 euro - Eglė - Queen of Serpents

Series: Lithuania - 5 euro coins

Image of 5 euro coin - Eglė - Queen of Serpents | Lithuania 2021.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The obverse of the coin depicts a needlework as an allusion to a cosy evening, when fairy tales are told, while the illusion of a late evening is enhanced by small stars and the moon on the left side of the composition: the first coin from the series “Tales from my Childhood” features new moon. The composition (needlework) symbolically depicts the main elements of the fairy tale and features a symbolic silhouette of the Vytis– the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania – below them. The top of the composition features an embroidered inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA), while its right side contains the denomination (€5) and the year of issue (2021).
The reverse of the coin depicts the confrontation of the serpent and Eglė, the main characters of the fairy tale, the impression is amplified by Eglė’s hair, which allegorically blends into sea waves that foam either white or red. The body of the serpent is decorated with symbolic pictograms, which tell the story of this fairy tale, and includes the name of the fairy tale “Eglė – žalčių karalienė” (Eglė – Queen of Serpents). The composition also features tree silhouettes as an allusion to the children that were turned into trees.