30,000 won - Hallyeohaesang

Series: South Korea - Korean National Parks

Image of 30000 won coin - Hallyeohaesang | South Korea 2018.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
【Obverse】The obverse depicts Lighthouse Island*, a small islet connected to Somaemuldo Island. * Lighthouse Island is an islet located in the sea south of Tongyeong City, Gyeongnam Province. It offers a picturesque view of vertically and horizontally cracked and split islands along with steep coastal cliffs, which are seen in harmony with the sea. 4 / 6 【Reverse】The reverse shows the fairy pitta* and common eelgrass,** two flagship species. * The fairy pitta is designated as a Class Ⅱ endangered species. It is a mountain bird featuring feathers with unique and various colors (including black, red, and brown) (Natural Monument No. 204). ** Common eelgrass is a plant found mostly in shallow ocean waters, where it provides habitat for marine animals. It also regulates the strength of waves and purifies the water by filtering out sediment deposits.