30,000 won - Deogyusan

Series: South Korea - Korean National Parks

Image of 30000 won coin - Deogyusan | South Korea 2018.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
【Obverse】The obverse depicts an autumn scene of the Muju Gucheong-dong Valley.* * Muju Gucheong-dong Valley stretches 27km north from the peak of Deogyusan (1,614m). Along the valley are located 33 scenic points (including Wolhatan (Valley), Beepadam (Lake) and Gucheonpokpo (Watefall)) 【Reverse】The reverse shows the Kumkang fat minnow* and the Korean fir,** two flagship species of Deogyusan. * The Kumkang fat minnow is a long, flat freshwater fish that lives in cold, oxygen-rich water. ** The Korean fir is a tree of the pine family found in cool forests and native exclusively to Korea.