300 dollars - Quebec Coat of Arms

Series: Canada - Coat of Arms

Image of 300 dollars coin - Quebec Coat of Arms | Canada 2012.  The Gold coin is of Proof quality.
14-karat gold (58.33% gold, 41.67% silver)

Coin design: Quebec’s Coat of Arms as revised and officially adopted in 1939.

Preserving and honouring the past.

The Coat of Arms is a rich heraldic tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and endures today to represent modern monarchies, governing bodies or institutions.

The province of Quebec received its Coat of Arms by royal warrant of Queen Victoria in 1868, and revised it in 1939 in order to “...[more accurately reflect] the history and heraldic data of the province.”

The Provincial Shield was divided into three horizontal fields to reflect the French and British influence in the creation of Canada with three fleurs-de-lys in the top field to represent France, the royal lion in the center to symbolize Britain; and three maple leaves in the bottom to represent Canada.

The royal crown situated above the Shield is another representation of the British monarchy while the motto, “Je me souviens” (I remember), at the bottom of the Arms underscores the importance of honouring and preserving one’s history.