30 dollars - White-Tailed Deer

Series: Canada - Imposing Icons Series

Image of 30 dollars coin - White-Tailed Deer | Canada 2021.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
In Canada, the white-tailed deer is the most common and widely distributed large mammal. If you spot one, it is likely grazing in woodland edges and pastures. However, the deer startles easily; at the first sign of trouble, it raises the alarm by flagging its brown tail to reveal a white underside (hence its name) as it gallops out of sight. Coin #3 of our Imposing Icons series invites you to look deep into the eyes of the white-tailed deer. This close encounter with such a large prey species is made possible by the coin's large (50 mm) diameter, which provides ample room for both the engraved wilderness and colourful wildlife.