3 euro - The Parrot

Series: Austria - Colourful Creatures

Image of 3 euro coin - The Parrot | Austria 2018.  The Copper coin is of UNC quality.
Found in most tropical and subtropical regions, parrots are, along with the crow family, among the most intelligent birds. The ability of some species of parrot to imitate the human voice makes them popular pets, but has also resulted in them being more exploited than other types of bird. The trapping of wild birds and the ongoing destruction of their natural habitat mean that the global population of this charismatic bird, which features on the stunning sixth coin in our 12-piece Colourful Creatures series, has diminished considerably. The intellectual capacity of parrots is thought by some researchers to be on a par with that of apes. Like any intelligent being, parrots are discerning creatures. Although they can adapt to living with humans, they are demanding and selective about who they choose to connect with. As this applies both to humans and other parrots, the purchase of a second pet parrot to keep the original one company does not always turn out to be the ideal cure for a parrot’s loneliness; nor does the fact that a parrot ‘talks’ a lot mean that it is happy. Like all wild animals, parrots are far happier living in their unspoilt natural habitat, where they can make their social choices themselves. The coin’s reverse features a coloured glow-in-the-dark representation of a parrot in all its vibrant glory, while the obverse of all the 3 euro Colourful Creatures coins features a design comprising the silhouettes of all 12 animals in the series.