25 rubles - Creative works of Giacomo Quarenghi

Image of 25 rubles coin - Creative works of Giacomo Quarenghi | Russia 2012.  The Silver coin is of Proof quality.
The obverse: the relief image of the Emblem of the Bank of Russia - the two-headed eagle with wings down, and the semicircular inscription under it "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA), framed by a circle of beads. The inscriptions along the rim divided by dots indicate the denomination of the coin "ДВАДЦАТЬ ПЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ" (TWENTY FIVE ROUBLES) and the year of issue "2012", between them - the indication of the metal according to the D.I. Mendeleyev Periodic System of Elements, the purity, the trade mark of the Saint-Petersburg Mint and the fine precious metal content. The reverse side of the coin depicts the image of the architect Giacomo Quarenghi with a sketch in his hands against the background of the Hermitage Theatre in Saint Petersburg and its interior elements. The sketch bears the inscriptions: in Russian "ДЖАКОМО КВАРЕНГИ" (GIACOMO QARENGHI) and in Italian "GIACOMO QARENGHI" both in two lines and divided by the colored image of a head of column.